Maybe you have some questions left unanswered. Please check in the questions below if we have already received your question and provided an answer.
If you still have any questions left, please contact us via the form, send us an email or call us on: +31 (0)161 – 225 642.


Can I book online?

Unfortunately we do not provide online bookings at the moment.
However, it is possible to check up to date availability and then contact us via mail or phone to make your booking.

Can I take an option before my final booking?

When requested we can see if there is the possibility to hold a certain period for a short amount of time. This will always be in consultation with you.

Can I book for a different number of days?

We do offer weekday (Monday to Friday) and weekend (Friday to Monday) bookings.
It is also possible to combine those to a week or even a more extended period.
You can also check in or check out on a different day of your likings.

Payment period will be based on a changeover of Monday or Friday.

What is included in the rent?

A list of everything we offer is to be found in the farmstead page.

Can I clean the farmhouse myself?

Cleaning is included in the rent.
We do not expect our guests to clean the entire house.
We do expect you to leave the farmhouse in proper state. In case the house is left in a very dirty condition we will keep part of the deposit for cleaning.

Is there a no smoking policy?

Yes, in the house, stables and barns there is a non-smoking policy.
We do have a porch where you can smoke, you will be sheltered from the wind and rain.