Farmstead ‘the Lakenvelder’ is located amidst the meadows and feels completely isolated, yet the towns center is within walking distance (600m). Gilze (township: Gilze en Rijen) has about 7500 inhabitants and houses two supermarkets, a bakery, a butcher and several other stores but also nice cafes and restaurants.

This area is full of life. Real Dutch cities Tilburg and Breda are nearby, as is the Efteling (an absolute must do) and Beekse Bergen safari park. Antwerp, Belgium is close enough to visit in a single day as well.

Additionally Gilze is a true cycling city that connects to the various cycle routes, or allows you to choose your own cycling route. Our homestead is located between junction 58 and 69. Along these routes are homely cafes, cultural and historic buildings, towns and stunning views. In the adjacent forest there are many trails to be found for mountain biking, hiking and horse riding.

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Cafes and restaurants

Closeby the farmstead  several restaurants can be visited. Please find a list of some we would recommend:

If you want to read more about all Gilze has to offer, we recommend you to visit (in Dutch)

If you want to go out with a bicycle, but did not bring your own, check Adams fietsenverhuur, they will deliver the bikes at our farm and pick them up later.

Program with children

For an enjoyable and active week with children, we have a suggested week planning for you.

Day 1 At De Steengroeve you can practice your swing at miniature golf, jump the trampoline or play with “Piet Plezier”, finishing with a delicious Dutch pancake.

Day 2 A visit to De Efteling should be on everyone’s to do list, but if you are less a thrill seeker and more the animal lover, you might prefer Safaripark en Speelland Beekse Bergen.

Day 3 Relaxing at the homestead with plenty of indoor and outdoor toys for the children. This night can be perfect for a good barbecue.

Day 4 Whether it’s rainy or the sun is shining doesn’t matter in Speelboerderij de Vossenberg where children under the age of 12 can enjoy indoor and outdoor play while you enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Day 5 Fancy a dive? Swimming is always an option at Tropical in Rijen or Recreatiebad Stappegoor in Tilburg.

Day 6 A nice walk, with a daypack on the back. Starting at the farmstead it takes a short hour to het Witgoor or het Ossegoor where you can picnic and enjoy the lake view. A bit further, but reachable to the cyclists or by car is National Parc Loonse en Drunense duinen, with again plenty of hiking and cycling trails

Day 7 Still fancy a trip? Some not so average farm animals can be found at the Ostrichfarm and a Red Deer farm.

Program for adults

Booked with a group of adult, and not looking for merry go rounds and children activities? Want to be active the one day and enjoy a lazy time the next? This program might give you some inspiration.

Day 1 A day of shopping in Breda or Tilburg, both located about 15 minutes away.

Day 2 After the city it is time to get out into nature. Get active at National Parc Loonse en Drunense duinen with many hiking and biking trails.

Day 3 Giving you feet their well deserved rest by relaxing in and around the farm can be finished with a great barbecue in the evening.

Day 4 Seeing some culture in a museum, such as IJzertijdboerderij, a museum decidated to the Iron Age or De (leer)looierij, where you get to know all you never knew about leather tannery, both located in Dongen.

Day 5 Hiking boots on and daypack packed. Within 45 minutes from the farm to het Witgoor or het Ossegoor in the Chaamse forest. This place gives you great views on the lake. After a homemade picnic you go up and about, walking some more in the beautiful forest before heading back to the homestead.

Day 6 What better way to finish a short vacation than to toast on it? Visit Abdij Koningshoeven for some local trappist. Prefer wine? Then maybe you’re better of visiting Dassemus, a vineyard, where tours and tastings are held.

Even more activities