House rules

  • The pastures are fenced with electric wire, known for the (harmless) electric shock it provides at touch. We do not recommend touching the wiring.
  • The stables, barns and pastures are for the use of animals at the farm, acces is not allowed.
  • The equipment is only to be used by the operator of the farm, climbing on, starting or moving anything is not allowed.
  • The yard is trimmed with fencing for everyone’s safety. Please keep the gates closed.
  • Pets are not allowed, as they might introduce diseases to our cattle.
  • The house, stables, barns are non-smoking. Smoking is only allowed outside under the porch.
  • The old hay loft has been converted to playroom and is located on the 1st floor. Minor children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Crockery, cutlery and other cooking utilities are expected to be clean on check out.
  • Breaking or the loss of property assets will be deducted from the deposit (if costs exceeds the deposit we will charge extra)
  • As this is a working farm we request you to park in the parking spaces marked. If these are not sufficient we can appoint more places to park.

We accept no liability for damage resulting from non-compliance or violation of our house rules.